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Special Bonus Dividend

Special Bonus Dividend

In our efforts to serve our members we pay you to bank with us. Over the last 7 years, we have given members a combined $2.2 MILLION!

It is our hope the Special Bonus Dividend can continue for years to come. Of course, we can’t make any promises but it’s because of you that we do well and when the Credit Union is succeeding our members benefit from it!

In order to maximize your Special Bonus Dividend earnings be sure to follow the items listed below.

2022 Special Bonus Dividend factors:

Active Debit Card – $15 – 20 or more transactions in 4th Quarter of 2022

Active Direct Deposit– $10 – 4 or more direct deposits in 4th Quarter of 2022

E-statement User – $5.00

Bonus Dividend for Deposit Holders – % of additional interest earned year-to-date

Bonus Dividend for Borrowers – % of interest paid year-to-date

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