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NMLS Public Notice

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act) was enacted on July 30,
2008 and mandates a nationwide licensing and registration system for residential mortgage loan
originators. The SAFE Act requires that federal registration be accomplished through the Nationwide
Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (the Registry).
The purpose is to provide consumers with easily accessible information at no charge regarding the
employment history of and publicly adjudicated disciplinary and enforcement actions against Mortgage
Loan Originators. A unique identifier assigned to each Mortgage Loan Originator allows consumers to
access a profile stored in the Registry. Consumer access to the profile can be found at

Mortgage Loan Originators for Top Tier Federal Credit Union are:

  • Dustin D. Burns NMLS ID# 1652665
  • Dana R. McCauley NMLS ID# 1337343
  • Christy L. Meterko NMLS ID# 511159
  • Annette M. Wielock NMLS ID# 576998
  • Susan Dinger NMLS ID# 1005883
  • Amber R. Hughes NMLS ID# 573375
  • Breanna Richards NMLS ID# 2220583
  • Sarah A. MacBeth NMLS ID# 1473219
  • Connie A. Earp NMLS ID# 2212225
  • Nate J. Dattoli NMLS ID# 2498373
  • Brendan J. Yard NMLS ID# 2503694
  • Amber R. Jamison NMLS ID# 1505767

The Identification Number for Top Tier Federal Credit Union is NMLS ID# 449233.

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