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Release of Information

  1. It is the policy of the Top Tier Federal Credit Union to protect both personal and financial information about our members.
  2. All documents no longer required to be maintained, and which contain any personal or financial information about the credit union or its members, must be shredded.
  3. It is the policy of this credit union to refuse to share personal information about our members, with only a few exceptions:
    1. We will provide loan payment history information to credit reporting services.
    2. We will verify funds to third parties, as this is in the interest of our members (although actual balances are never provided)
    3. Police, lawyers, and other persons or agencies, which seem to have a legal claim to information, will generally not be provided with this information without a written order and/or authorization from our attorney. If the point is unclear, permission should be obtained from management.
    4. Verification of deposit requests from another financial institution will be released only with signed member authorization.
    5. Payoff figures to third parties will be released only with member authorization.
    6. Account balance information will be released only to a person named on the account as owner or joint owner.

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