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OOPS Program

Optional Overdraft Protection Service

OOPs with top tier fcu

Apply for OOPS Coverage:

    I want overdraft coverage for my ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases

    * I understand I have 45 calendar days from the day the advance was made to restore the account to a positive balance. I understand coverage for new members begins thirty days after account opening.

    ** I understand that my ATM and debit card purchases will be declined at the point-of-sale if sufficient funds are not available in my account.

    Explanation of Optional Overdraft Protection Service (OOPS!) Coverage

    Your Right to Request Overdraft Coverage

    We will not pay your overdrafts for ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases you make at a store, online, or by telephone, unless you tell us you want overdraft coverage for these transactions. Even if you do not request overdraft coverage for ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases, we may still pay your overdrafts for other types of transactions, including checks and ACH transactions. Customers who receive any type of federal entitlement benefit must not opt-in if they do not want those funds to be applied towards overdrafts.

    Having overdraft coverage does not guarantee that we will pay your overdrafts. If we decide to pay an overdraft, you will be charged fees as described below. Overdraft coverage differs from other overdraft services we offer, such as linking your account to another savings account with us or obtaining a loan. See below for more information, including how to contact us if you want overdraft coverage to apply to your ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases.

    Overdraft Fees

    • There is no charge to maintain overdraft coverage. Charges are incurred only if the account is overdrawn.
    • We will charge you a fee of $30.00 each time we pay an overdraft item.
    • There is no limit to the number of overdraft fees or charges that may be assessed per day.

    Other Ways We Can Cover Your Overdrafts

    We offer other ways of covering your overdrafts that may be less expensive. Linking your checking account to a savings account or obtaining a loan may result in substantially lower fees than utilizing overdraft protection services. Contact us to learn more.

    How to Request Overdraft Coverage or Get More Information

    To request overdraft coverage for your ATM withdraws and debit card purchases, or for information about other alternatives we offer for covering overdrafts, please:

    • Contact us at (814) 226-5032
    • Complete the application form on this page

    *I understand that I can revoke/change my election for OOPS! coverage either in person or by phone or via the website.

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